From the archives: my first solo

From 2010, my first solo in the Aegela Centers for Middle Eastern Dance yearly showcase (That year’s show was called “Evolutions”).

The song is called “A Song of Storm and Fire” by Kaijura Yuki, from the Tsubasa Chronicles soundtrack and I tried to dye the veil to resemble flame. I think the effect came off pretty well, especially against the black backdrop. :)

The track is pretty quiet, so you may need to turn up your speakers.

I’m not sure if it was out of ambitiousness or nervousness, but I decided to do veil poi for my first solo. Actually, it was a little of both. I think there is a fear amongst dancers (and other performers) that we, by ourselves, are not entertaining enough to hold an audience’s attention, so we believe we have to add some sort of prop or gimmick. I think, ultimately, that fear is unfounded, but there is still often a desire to rely on the crutch of a prop, which is why I’ve tried to make myself do a lot of no-prop solos since my first solo.

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Generally speaking, is sunshine, butterflies, and crayons, covered in spikes and clad in black. ^_^ Photographer, Belly Dancer, Artist, Yogini, Shibari-ka, Silk-dyer, Geek, and Marshmallow wrangler.
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