R.I.P. Granny (Helen Vertrees)

Legend and his beloved Granny.

Legend and his beloved Granny. I would have gotten more pics of her, but she was rather camera-shy.

Last year, Legend’s Granny had a bit of a health scare, so Legend & I flew down to visit her and the fam in Fort Myers, Florida. Luckily, she was doing much better by the time we got there and I got to meet her and some of his aunts, an uncle, and cousins. Plus, we got to get away for one short evening (his aunt Ann insisted we go to the beach since we made the trip all the way to Florida) and had a fun and romantic time watching the sunset and playing on the beach at Captiva Island. It ended up being a really nice visit. :)

Photos from Captiva Island:

Road to Captiva Island

So blue!

Road to Captiva Island

I’ve always thought palm trees look like feathers.

Road to Captiva Island

Rather different than Ohio, yes?

Legend on the beach at Captiva Island

My cutie honey on the beach. He blends right in with his beach wear. ;)

Hey! I'm actually in a pic!

Hey! I’m actually in a pic! How did that happen?!

Me playing in the ocean.

Me playing in the ocean.

That was last year. This year, his Granny took a turn for the worse and had to go to hospice. Thankfully, last weekend Legend and I made it down to visit again. We got to see her two days when she was awake and lucid and I’m thankful she knew that her darling grandson came to see her. She passed this Thursday, May 23rd, at around 7:30 am. According to Aunt Ann, Uncle Robert was with her, holding her hand and singing to her when she passed. She raised around 8 kids (sorry, I don’t know the exact number), so she had a lot of frequent visitors at hospice. I do have pictures from this visit, but for right now, I’m just posting some pics of the happy visit from last year.

I only got to meet her a couple of times, but even from those short visits, I could tell she was an amazing woman. Rest in Peace, Helen Vertrees. You are missed and loved.


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