4 mos with baby Luke

I recently had the pleasure of doing the 4 mos portrait session for baby Luke.

Isn’t he absolutely adorable!! I love his chubby, round cheeks!

And here is my other favorite portrait from the session.

Somebody isn’t happy that mommy & daddy are being mushy. ;)

I love working with Catherine and Justin and catching the sweet moments they share. They are such an awesome couple and I especially love Catherine’s elegance and utterly hilarious dry sense of humor.

Bonus portrait! This is one that they didn’t choose from their session, but it was one of my favorites, so I post-processed it and am sharing it with you here. Parents never pick the drooly ones, but they’re so cute! :)

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Thanks for stopping by!

-Jen Bak :D


About jbakstudios

Generally speaking, is sunshine, butterflies, and crayons, covered in spikes and clad in black. ^_^ Photographer, Belly Dancer, Artist, Yogini, Shibari-ka, Silk-dyer, Geek, and Marshmallow wrangler.
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2 Responses to 4 mos with baby Luke

  1. tifftsoi says:

    Beautiful shots! He looks like a doll :)

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