Birthweek 2010: The Epic Finale (except, in this case, “Epic” means “low-key”) ^_^

Sunday envelope
Sorry for the much, much belatedness of this post. September & October are crazy busy months for me and if I get a little behind on things, I’m immediately way behind. Also, I didn’t realize some people were waiting to read about the finale, which I think they expected to be a large to-do of epicness, but the finale is the same every year, which I know, but I forgot that most of you don’t know that. :)

My birthweek always culminates with a dinner with father & sister (and now Legend, who is my honey, & Joe, who is sister’s then-honey-now-fiance) out to a restaurant of my choice. This is followed by presents and cake and ice cream. Sometimes we also go to Grounds for Thought, browse the used books, and play a board game (Like Trivial Pursuit, during which father generally kicks our collective butts.)

[The final installment of the space saga]
Sunday story

This year, presents included some belly dance cds, books on photography, & the Hayao Miyazaki movie Ponyo (along with a stuffed Ponyo doll that has proved way more entertaining and fun than originally expected). Dinner was at Real Seafood Company, which was tasty, but not the epicness I was expecting based on other people’s comments and reviews. I wonder if it was an off night (plus, we had a waitress who just started & she was definitely not a foodie) or if I’m just too much of a food snob. ;)

We (sister and I) do all sorts of random, crazy things throughout the birthweek, but the actual birthday itself is reserved as a time to spend with family. :)


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Generally speaking, is sunshine, butterflies, and crayons, covered in spikes and clad in black. ^_^ Photographer, Belly Dancer, Artist, Yogini, Shibari-ka, Silk-dyer, Geek, and Marshmallow wrangler.
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