Birthweek 2010: Day the Sixth

So, here I sit, in my computer room, pretending I don’t know what’s going on in the kitchen. :D

Saturday letter
Saturday’s cute googly face. Again with the four eyes. Definitely not a clue for birthweek.

Saturday story
Today’s story involves the denizens of Bakhomia throwing me a going away party.

Hmmmm…I wonder what today’s event could be??? **looks innocent and completely clueless**

No clue! No way I could figure this one out! Especially not with the enclosed card that came with the letter, which so mysteriously stated: “Party on, party people.” No idea. This one has stumped me.

It’s not like Sister and I had any conversation at any point in which we discussed that if some sort of party event were to happen, would I want said hypothetical party to happen at my place or hers. Such a conversation obviously leaves no clue as to what the nature of today’s event is.

Nor do I hear Sister, Joe, and Legend currently in the kitchen preparing party foods, nor did I hear sister give some sort of instruction to Legend about some form of decoration for the living room.

Nope. Didn’t hear any of that.


Okay, this is waaaay after the fact but here are some details about the shindig:

As usual, Sister outdid herself with the food. :d I absolutely love little appetizer and hors d’oeuvres! Also, she gave everything alien names. :D

Burm Porfs: Mixed berry tartlets
Namreg Fingers in a Fluffy Pastry Shell: Mini pigs-in-a-blanket (the sausage & crescent roll kind, not the cabbage-wrapped kind)
Bubblevete Bakhomian National Drink: Sprite with rainbow sherbet
Bakhomian Gargleblasters: Chocolate mousse in chocolate cups with cocoa powder
Bakhomian Esirprus: Mini shredded lemon-pepper chicken sandwiches with garlic boursin (boursin is a cheese I love)
Quactar Porfs: Brie and apricot tartlets
Nacrokian Scutler: Chips and salsa
Trop Porfs: Pear and port salut tartlets (port salut is a cheese)
Bakhomian Crustaceans: Crudite tray
Fmoss Fivee: Dill dip
Nairagnuh Eyeballs: Black and green olives
Zoltonian Towers: Cucumbers with smoked salmon and cream cheese
Mini Quiche (Quiche is Universal): Mini quiche in a variety of flavors
Amphibole Shred: Nat’s amazing chicken dip (made by Natalie)
Mvemsjnup Testes: Kelly’s awesome meatballs (made by Kelly)

And, for the piece de resistance:
Sacrificial Garumpshun Head: Birthday cake. but not just any birthday cake. One that she made to look like an goofy alien head, complete with exposed brain (I have a very realistic brain jello mold which she borrowed to make a very realistic looking jello brain — I have a recipe that makes a grey, opaque jello.)

[Insert party pics here]

Lots of friends were in attendance (though some noticable people were missing, you know who you are and you were missed!) and there was the watching of truly bad sci-fi movies. :D

Oh! & alien antenna were worn by most attendees.

Presents were also recieved, but since it’s so long after the date, I can’t remember all of them, so if a gift isn’t included in the below list, it’s because my memory isn’t up to snuff: pop rocks and glow sticks, a knitted marshmallow alien, a bottle of Grey Goose vodka, a gift certificate to Korea Na (my favorite local restaurant!), Muppet Show Season 3, and a windup mini-robot. Wow. My memory is terrible. I got a lot more than that.

Thank you all who came and a huge thanks to Sister for organizing the crazy!


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