Birthweek 2010: Five Golden Days…

…Except not gold, because I’m much more of a fan of silver, but “Five Silver Days” doesn’t make me start singing Christmas songs in my head.

Today’s story involves me starting to get homesick, and though I like the planet of Bakhomia, I really miss my friends and family. As I’m wandering around feeling sorry for myself, I run into another alien, Leggo, who is sad because he’s never been anywhere and really wants to travel. Leggo & I decide we’re going to travel back to Earth together, and though the rest of the aliens are sad to see us go (especially Gobiat), they understand. :)

The card included with the letter stated that it was Legend’s day & that I was to be ready at 6:30 in a semi-fancy/formal outfit. W00t! It’s date night with my honey. ^____^

[Pics of letter to be inserted later, as per standard]
Friday letter
This time was again 4 eyes, so the eyes are not increasing each day. Must rethink and discard possible googly eye subtext.

Friday story
The extremely cute saga of Jengie and Leggo. :D

[Can anyone even read the story on the letter? Is it too small? Do I need to make them bigger?]

Can’t wait to see what the surprise is!! **silly dance in anticipation** :D

P.S. For those who don’t know, Legend is my honey’s real name. Yes, his parents named him that. No, according to Legend, they weren’t hippies.

UPDATE: Tonight’s activity was going to the Toledo Museum of Art’s Glass Pavilion for their “It’s Friday!” 2445 Series — This week’s theme: The Art of Seduction. Fun event with live painting, a jazz band, chocolate tasting, live glass sculpting, a DJ, belly dancing, fashion, tasty treats, wine, and wandering about the exhibits. Not sure exactly why it was called “The Art of Seduction”, it wasn’t very seduce-y in my mind, but still a really fun event. I had so much fun with my honey and made some contacts with some art museum event staff. (Kelly, I don’t know if you read this, but you can expect some contact info in an email from me soon! ^_^)

I ran into a few old friends, which was cool. Oh, and the belly dancers were Baraka and Leyla, so it was nice to see some familiar faces.

Fantastic night with my honey. ^___^


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