Birthweek 2010: Rain check for Day Four

So, tonight I had the orientation training class to become a hospital outreach volunteer for the YWCA H.O.P.E. center (rape crisis center). As such, today’s birthday activity is postponed until next week. Sister knew about this ahead of time, so she could plan around it, but we both agreed that the training session was more important that birthweek shenanigans.

When the rain check day happens, I’ll blog about it then. However, sister did email me the story (I’ll open the actual letter and clue on the day of the rain check). The story primarily recounts the welcome feast my home planet throws for me upon my triumphant return. I shall post an excerpt below:

Jengie was sure there was no way she could eat another bite. That was until the dessert was served. “Ah, now you can see what Boublevete is, Miss Jengie!” she heard Miss Horbol say. Many giant bowls were set in the center of the table filled by a light and foamy, vibrantly colored liquid with bite sized bubbles in it. “Oooh!” Jengie said intrigued by the marvelous dessert set before her. She tried a sip….”YUM!” But as she spoke tiny bubbles began to emanate from her mouth! “And that,” said Miss Horbol, “is the wonder of Boublevete! Not only is it tasty, it’s fun too!” But as Miss Horbol spoke bubbles began to spring forth from her mouth as well! Soon the entire Feasting Hall was filled with tiny bubbles as everyone enjoyed their desserts.

I so wish Boublevete were real. Maybe Sister has invented it for my bday? ;)


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