Birthweek 2010: Day the Second

So, this morning, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea. Since I didn’t have enough time before work to take pics of the envelope/letter, I brought my camera and the letter with me to work. Well, the plan worked perfectly until I remembered that my camera shoots in RAW and I don’t have a program at work that can handle that file type. D’oh.

So, pics will be inserted sometime this evening. Pics have been added.

Birthweek: Tuesday
Today, the letter has three eyes. Trend, coincidence, or clue?

The saga of me returning to my home planet (dubbed “Bakhomia” by Sister) is continued in today’s letter. This time, our space ship is beset by fearsome attack-y aliens and I, apparently, am a whiz at piloting in battle type situations and manage to out-maneuver and out-run the hostile fleet.

W00t. Go me. I have skills I wasn’t aware of. ^_~

Birthweek 2010: Tues. Letter

For today’s activity, the location is set as my apt. and dress is casual.

Based on the clues in the story, I’m guessing tonight is video game night, sci-fi movie night, or Douglas Adams night (because we all let out a cheer of “Yop!” at the end of the story.)

My boss threw in a guess of Dr. Suess night, because “Yop” is also said in Suessian stuff as well.

Time shall reveal, which, if any is correct. :D

UPDATE: Event for night: Chuck E. Cheese Arcade.

So, I was partially right, it was video games, but not in the comfort of my own home. :) Much skee ball was played, as well as pinball, some bee catching game that is way too fun, I did hilariously badly at a football throwing game, and we got “Extreme I.D.” cards.

Jengie Birthweek: Me and Shrek pinball
Jengie Birthweek: Legend Shrek Pinball
Me & Legend playing Shrek pinball, but there was a distinct lack of kicking asses and taking names. Though, on a really cool note, there is a mini-pinball machine inside the big pinball machine and Legend got to play the itty-bitty one because of some bonus he got in the game.

Jengie Birthweek: Erik & Sarah in photo booth
Erik & Sarah in the photo booth

Jengie Birthweek: Extreme ID
My “Extreme” I.D. cards. A few things to note about these:

  1. The first one I got (and the picture is randomly selected), proclaimed me to be an outer space explorer! How perfect is that for the birthweek theme? XD
  2. I did not know what card I would get when I made the face. It’s only a wonderful coincidence that in the space one, I look like I either can’t breathe or am screaming and in the Hollywood All Access Pass one, I am kinda making a Derek Zoolander face. ^_^
  3. Sister absolutely loved this booth and got 4 cards. One proclaimed her to have an all-access pass to Area-51. Also perfect for birthweek.
  4. The only thing you got to pick after you put your token in was “boy” or “girl”. Very annoying segregation, especially since the boy side got to be police officers, outer space explorers, firefighters, and stuff like that. The girl side got to be wild animal handlers, divas, etc. It annoys me when they reinforce gender stereotypes like that. I pushed “boy” each time because I liked the card selection better.

With our tickets combined (everyone gave me their tickets), I got everyone a mini-frisbee, some temporary tattoos, and a box of clay for myself. :)

And thus ends Day the Second of Birthweek 2010. :D

P.S. Legend would like it proclaimed that he earned 361 tickets. I was second with approx 150.


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