Commencement of Birthweek 2010!!

W00t! Today commences my annual birthweek!!! ^___^ As I type, I sit here with a stack of envelopes, each labeled a different day of the week. In a brief moment, I shall open the envelope entitled “Mon,” which either means “Monday” or my sister has decided to go Jamacian, decided I need to become transgender, and started calling me “mon”. :)

Birthweek 2010 Envelopes

I can’t wait to see today’s clue!!! And what the theme for this year’s birthweek is!!

Opening the envelope now…

Enveloped has opened...

Squeee!!! Isn’t my letter cute? ^_^

And what does it say…

The contents of the letter

Okay, this week’s theme seems to be “Intergalactic voyage!” How fun! And today’s activity is a fun picnic in the park with family and then the aliens come to get me to return me to my people. :D

I wonder what sister is making for the picnic? She’s a fantastic cook.

UPDATE: It was a Korean Barbecue! W00t!

After we (Legend and I) managed to find the park and locate Sister, Joe, & Father, I was presented with a veritable feast of tasty, tasty Korean food. ^___^ Bulgogi was the main dish and there was also tasty tofu, egg, kimchii, mixed veggies, seasoned green onions, seasoned seaweed, and other stuff, but my brain is forgetting.

Birthweek 2010 - Dad Legend Sister Joe
Hanging out while the food grills. Note the many, many plastic containers filled will all sorts of tasty Korean foods! ^__^ Also, note the look on Sister’s face. She is about to stick her tongue out at me. :)

Sister cookin the bulgogi
It was sister’s first time cooking and entire Korean meal by herself! And it was all very, very tasty! ^__^

Random kid with kite
Random kid from another picnic, flying a kite. :)

So, after we stuffed ourselves (and properly made Korean food often entices you to eat until you’re painfully full, and part of you wants to keep going because it’s so damn tasty, but another part of you knows there is only the pain of an overfilled stomach in store for you if you continue. Sister made the food properly, much to my tastebuds’ delight and my stomach’s detriment.) Then, after a short break, we went for dessert! :D (Yes, I know, we’re crazy).

We attempted to go to Balance: Pan Asian Grill to get bubble tea, but they were closed, so we went to Cold Stone Creamery.

Birthweek Ice Cream
I got a mix of double fudge brownie and the birthday cake ice creams, with coconut, roasted almonds, and blueberry. Damn, it was really, really tasty. :D (pay no attention to Apples to Apples. We brought it in, but were too food-coma-y to actually work our brains enough to play a game.

And, thus, ended day one of Birthweek 2010!! ^____^


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