From tiny, crowbar welding ninja to untapped business opportunities

So, I tweeted this today:

“Whenever I get strawberry seeds stuck in my teeth, I feel like there are tiny ninja w/crowbars assaulting my molars.”

From there, I started thinking how I’m a little crazy, but I don’t think I drive others crazy. Which then led to mental scenes being played of couples screaming, “You drive me F***ing CRAZY, you [insert slur of some sort here]”.

I think actually being able to drive people literally crazy could be a marketable skill. Perhaps all those people who are beset with crazy-making significant others should realize they have a prime business opportunity! :D

Think about it: defense lawyers could use it on their clients to successfully use the insanity plea; people could push rich relatives over the edge; politicians could get rivals committed; get rid of the rival for your beau’s affections; get yourself out of the military — the applications are practically endless!

However, it would have to be a very clandestine sort of thing. You couldn’t advertise this in the phone book and if you were found to have used them, your defense would probably be thrown out, which would be terrible, because now you’d actually be crazy and wouldn’t have the mental wherewithal to get yourself out of the terribly sticky mess.

Hrm. Perhaps this would have a better market if the crazy-maker paired themselves with an un-crazy-ifier? Which is unfortunately the harder and, sometimes, impossible part. Perhaps a money-back guarantee if you can’t uncrazy them afterwards? Except, they’d be crazy, and therefore, unable to fill out the necessary paperwork for a refund. For an unscrupulous business person, this would be quite the scam. ;)

Side note: I had intended my next post to be a review of a local restaurant I visited over the weekend, but the above randomness popped into my head and would not be denied top spot in line. Next up should be a review of Ferdos Mediterranean Restaurant. :)


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