Salmonella, sister of Cinderella (or “where my mind went after hearing about the egg recall”)

So, this morning, when pondering eggs, recalls, and breakfast, I thought that Salmonella could be the sister (cousin?) of Cinderella, but instead of living in the big manor house/castle with Cinderella and sleeping by the fire (hence the “cinder” part of “Cinderella” if you didn’t know), she lived on a fishing boat and had to sleep with the fishes (okay, getting to throw that phrase in there makes me giggle too much ^_^).

Perhaps instead of finding her prince charming, she finds a nice seafood chef with his/her own restaurant?

After I told Legend my idea/musing, he said that they (Cinderella and Salmonella) could have third sister named Citronella. This is why I love this man. ^_^ I’ll have to think of a back story for her now.


About jbakstudios

Generally speaking, is sunshine, butterflies, and crayons, covered in spikes and clad in black. ^_^ Photographer, Belly Dancer, Artist, Yogini, Shibari-ka, Silk-dyer, Geek, and Marshmallow wrangler.
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